Month: April 2013


At home this month we find the moment of the the large work in the garden, but also the joy of the flowers ranging from daffodils to tulips. The colors put us in a good mood and bring about the desire to be outdoors. The kitchen is colored with new […]


Cream of Pistacchio Cupcakes

At the “Cucinare” tradeshow in Pordenone there was a display that had Sicilian pistachios in many forms from creams to flours or roasted salted whole pistachios. Of course I couldn’t resist the temptation to bring home a bit of that deliciousness. The cupcake that I propose materialized in my mind […]


Grumolo: A Spring Chicory

This intense green chicory is a beautiful plant that is harvested in the spring when the spring rains abound and dampens its leaves. The seeds are sown in late summer and the plant emits tender leaves that die during the winter to be reborn as a fleshy roses in the […]


Green Petals and Egg

Grumolo chicory has always fascinated me since childhood. In the fall we would chose a piece of the field and were we seeded varieties of radicchio and spinach that were resistant to the cold of winter. These seeds could germinate before winter, but during the cold season the whole plot […]