Salmon Quiche

Legend has it that the “quiche” or pie according to the French actually derives from the German word “kuchen” i.e. a cake that could contain both sweet and savory items like cheese. It became famous thanks to a baker in 1500 from Nancy, France. Lorraine used a mixture of bread […]


Asparagus in Bellavista

Eggs and asparagus are a classic pairing in Friulian cuisine. Asparagus grows in many agricultural areas of our region and we are famous for asparagus from Tavagnacco, Fossalon, and Gorgo di Latisana. They can be white, green, and violet. From April to late May I like to make this shoot […]


Egg and Spinach Nests

Spinach and eggs are good for your health, but sometimes it’s hard to find fans of these two simple and important ingredients. Many years ago, when I was trying to entice my son to eat them, I invented these nests. I found some nice ceramic soup pots (which you see […]


French Omelette with Spinach

The French omelette is an elaboration of our simple omelette. This recipe can be used often when you have children at dinner. An omelette can hide things that are good and healthy that children normally don’t like.  


Tomato Quiche

This recipe was developed two weeks ago using two types of ricotta I bought at the supermarket out of curiosity. There were two small packages of ricotta, one sheep and the other goat. Their flavor is much stronger than cow’s milk ricotta, so I thought I’d make them the principal […]


Eggplant Quiche

Quiche are such a great invention. If we use ready-made puff pastry dough to implement them, they are ready in such a short time and we can prepare a dinner quickly. If we decide to invite friends over for a drink, a quiche can be prepared the night before and […]


Frittata with Zucchini

Zucchini are vegetables that very helpful to our health. They are low in calories and rich in minerals, typical of summer vegetables. For the first week of September, I’d like to propose that fall starts out with a delicious bite of summer.