Month: February 2014


In the early days of February, if the garden is not iced over you can start to see the flowering of hellebores which will then continue until March. This flower once planted in the right place does not require great care. It needs a small amount of manure in the […]


Baking Bingo

As you all know, my kitchen is my playground. I consider the mixture of butter, eggs, and flour as a game that I love to continue playing. I recently read about this interesting game that you can do in the kitchen that largely concerns flour – Baking Bingo. Enjoying this […]


Spaetzle With Cauliflower Cream

The first time I tasted spaetzle was during a trip to Austria. These dumplings were served as an accompaniment to a dish of pieces of meat with paprika. They were so soft and good that when I return home I immediately tried to create the recipe. Over the years I […]


Hazelnut Truffles

My Aunt Rita is a wonderful cook with a particular passion towards baking. We often exchange recipes. When I need help for some event where the presence of the guests is the most numerous, we often collaborate. A short time ago she was talking to me about Luca Montersino, a […]