Month: March 2012


From this month on, Stefania (see the “About” section) will become part of the blog as a new collaborator. When there’s an opportunity in the middle of the busy life of everyone, we thought that we’d offer you a recipe. Every day I discover that food always seems to enter […]


Spring Risotto with Wild Hop Shoots

Yesterday morning I woke up very early to take a walk in the fields behind my house. While walking along the bank of the river that runs through the countryside, I found the first hop shoots. Although I had to go to work, I lingered for a little while and […]


Radicchio Pasticcio (Lasagna)

This recipe was inventred because I wanted to make a pasticcio in no time. With its crispy crust and soft center, pasticcio is always a pleasure for the palate. The combination of Treviso radicchio and sausage is very balanced with the flavor for the spices from the sausage and the […]


Floral Compositions

This year the winter was long and cold in the region where I live. In the early days of March, the garden seemed lifeless. During the first sunny day when I came out to explore, I realized that among the bare branches and dead leaves there were still no signs […]


Radicchio di Treviso

The story of this vegetable ties together the garden with the yard. Between 1860 and 1870, a garden expert was called to “Villa Palazzi” (now Taverna) in the municipality of Dosson to build an English garden. During the construction of the garden, the Belgian Van Den Borre experimented with the […]