The Salty Sweet & A Little Bitter Salad

I often disregard the really simple recipes I put together from things I have in the fridge. However, my sister was with me on New Year’s Day and I made this salad for her. The next day she sent me a picture of the same salad that she had recreated, […]


Green Petals and Egg

Grumolo chicory has always fascinated me since childhood. In the fall we would chose a piece of the field and were we seeded varieties of radicchio and spinach that were resistant to the cold of winter. These seeds could germinate before winter, but during the cold season the whole plot […]


Raw Artichoke Salad with Flakes of Parmesan

In the 70s, the San Lorenzo market in Florence was a real triumph of colors and scents. In the spring, it was characterized in a blaze of strawberries, beans pods, and violet and spiny artichokes. At that time I was a college student and lived not far from the San […]


Puntarelle Salad

If you happen to go to Rome for a short stay between November and March you will certainly find puntarelle in restaurants and vegetable stands. Puntarelle are a chicory variety which contains a heart composed of many protuberances. If the chicory is fresh you can use the entire plant. The […]


Summer Salad

Writing a recipe for tomatoes and cucumbers is certainly banal. It is simply a dish that even those who can not cook prepare. However last Sunday I decided to make the salad in an unusual way by presenting it as if it were the main course. I also used an […]


Easter Salad

This recipe was created by my brother-in-law Attilio for our Easter lunch. Attilio is an avid reader of the magazine “Salt and Pepper” and this recipe was taken from the March issue. It seems interesting because it represents a different way to present, even during a important lunch, the classic […]


December Salad

This is a small fresh antipasto salad suitable to begin Christmas lunch. It can also be used as a single dish for dinner in the following days when you want to give your stomach a rest and dispose of a few calories.  


Prosciutto and Pear Salad

This salad is a specialty of my sister Flavia. We often use it as an appetizer when we organize a meal together for many people. The dish is a triumph of the products of Friuli. The salted pork is from Sauris, Red Williams Pears from Pavia di Udine, 60-day aged […]