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From a nutritional point of view this month is the triumph of the color red. Red is displayed in a thirst-quenching watermelon, red raspberries, and the blushing cheeks of nectarines and tomatoes. August in Friuli means the gardens will be full of vegetables as well as the shelves of vegetables in the vegetable shops.

For those who have a bit of time this is the perfect occasion to prepare for tomato sauce that will be preserved in glass jars to allow us to enjoy a bit of summer during the cold winter. Last year with my daughter-in-law Colleen helped prepare forty jars, but now her and my son are preparing to leave for the United States and I will be making a few jars in solitude, so despite the beautiful and vibrant red color the sauce, this operation will seem a bit sad.

The evenings are very hot in August and are filled with bright skies and shining stars. All the ingredients are adapted for organizing a romantic dinner by candlelight under the stars. It does not take much to create the atmosphere, using some empty jam jars, a piece of thin steel wire and a few candles, and seasonal dishes that are fragrant and digestible.


Watermelon Appetizer
Tomato Risotto
Sea Bream Fillet with Cherry Tomatoes
Raspberry Mousse or a simple bowl of Raspberries end with something natural and light


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