Author: Daniela Francescutto

Tasty Meatballs

These days you have to pay close attention to what you put in your shopping cart. Food increases risk leading families to make drastic choices with consequences also on people‚Äôs health. For those who still eat meat, meatballs can be a very appetizing way that can please even the elderly […]


Pizza, pizza, pizza

I like pizza a lot. Since I have teeth, my mother cuts it into small pieces and I feel that delicious taste of tomato and that white, soft and sweet thing that adults call mozzarella. Dad usually takes the pizza home in large cardboard boxes. The Italian nonna, during the […]


Salmon with Sicilian Citrus

Starting from the principle that it is always necessary to let the little ones experiment with new but at the same time simple in preparation tastes and flavors, last night we experimented with this salmon in the oven with citrus fruits. It was also an opportunity to use some kumquats […]


Leonardo’s Meatballs

These meatballs can be frozen in single portions of 2 or 3 meatballs to be ready when there is no time to cook or when adults are eating things not suitable for serving to children.  


Pumpkin Risotto

Everything has changed since I started walking. I feel great but my parents have changed too. They allow me participate more actively in all the things they do. The world seems like a fun place to me. I love it when mom takes the clothes out of the washing machine. […]


The Tales of Leonardo da Boston: The Red Tomatoes

Today Mama took me for a walk to that place she calls a vegetable garden. Wehave been there many times, but today, since I now know the place and afterprotesting a bit with gestures and mouth sounds, she let me get me down andstand up. Finally I was able to […]


The Tales of Leonardo da Boston “Sunflowers”

Today as soon as my parents woke up, they put on my clothes to go out. I have not been happy because when I wake up I like to be only in my shirt and barefoot. I wanted to explore the house and take a good look at a new […]