Month: June 2012

No Worries Soup

These past few days my professional life created a bit of grief and some stress to digest. My husband thought it was best for us to go with our friends, Marcia and Fabio, to the thermal bath in Saturnia to spend a few days to soak in the splendid warm […]



Cherry trees are quite beautiful and if you have a yard big enough think about planting at least one tree. Cherry trues have beautiful blossoms in the spring and juicy fruit in late May and early July depending on the variety you choose. During the summer these trees will ensure […]


Sea Bass Filets with a Touch of Violet

The famous chefs are always looking for more recipes that presents a research that incorporates the great importance of colors that work well together. Long ago in a cooking magazine I found this recipe that uses two ingredients in season, zucchini, peas, and red cabbage. It combines them into a […]