Month: December 2011

Marron Glace Mousse with Persimmon Sauce

This mousse has been my workhorse for years, used in dinners or lunches during the Christmas season. Each year the special embellishments change, so I can surprise those who have already tasted it. I’ve added persimmon sauce to this version which gives an unusual touch.  


Compositions for the Holidays

A centerpiece helps to set the mood at Christmas. It is important to use simple natural elements, collecting things from the garden or from a walk in the woods or fields. I propose some compositions that I prepared using only the elements that I personally collected.  


Wines to Accompany the Christmas Menu

For the month of December I thought it would be useful to give some advice on wines to accompany the menu that I propose for Christmas. My husband and I decided not to mention the names of wineries. This blog is also read in the U.S., and we are not […]


Sliced Seared Tuna

A nice piece of seared tuna is ideal for those who want to cook a quick dinner. The only drawback is that this fish is expensive, especially the part that I chose for the recipe, the fillet. This recipe treats the fish as if it were a cut of meat. […]


Fish Soup with Paprika

Fish soup is a dish prepared for fishermen from the remaining unsold fish. Back in the day it was considered a poor man’s dish. The evolution of the kitchen has transformed soup into a sophisticated and refined dish. Each region that faces the sea has a soup that uses fish […]


Almond Crescents

Pastry dough can be used to make lots of different recipes, from cookies to pies to cakes that are basic or more complex and sophisticated. It’s important to practice so that you can prepare the dough in the best possible way in a short amount of time.  


Cream of Cauliflower Soup

In recent years I’ve seen beautiful cauliflower mixed in with bridal bouquets. Cauliflower is a source of elements for our body and healthy enough to be considered, along with all the cruciferous vegetables (cabbage, savoy cabbage, kohlrabi (German turnip or Italian “cavolo rapa”), brussels sprouts, a food medicine.