Month: October 2011

Pumpkin and Sausage

A few years ago when my father still took care of the garden, we had a great field of pumpkins with many varieties, some of which came from Argentina. To satisfy my curiosity, seeds were brought from my aunt who lives in Rosario.  


Apple Flan

British food does not enjoy great fame in the culinary traditions of our country, however, many years ago I discovered an apple dessert that has remained among my favorites. Every now and then I use it (when my husband and I are alone at home) as a substitute for dinner. […]


Autumn Soup

This recipe combines the last tomatoes from the garden with pumpkin. This recipe uses “Originario” rice, a short grained Italian rice that is ideal for making soups. This rice is tiny and round and is suitable for absorbing the liquid. If you live in a place where you can’t find […]


Whole Grain Spaghetti with Green Peppers

Last week I picked the last of my garden’s peppers. They were green with yellow stripes because they are no longer able to mature into the color yellow or the red that usually marks the various stages of maturation. I thought I’d combine them with whole grain spaghetti.  


French Omelette with Spinach

The French omelette is an elaboration of our simple omelette. This recipe can be used often when you have children at dinner. An omelette can hide things that are good and healthy that children normally don’t like.  


Sicilian Sardines

Sardines carry within them the intense flavor of the sea and they are cheaper than the fish I can find at the fish counter. This recipe is a travel memory. It was two summers ago on vacation in Sicily where I learned to appreciate first hand the recipes I had […]


Fish Bites

This recipe is quick and easy. It mixes the flavors of two varieties of fish. Make sure you have the monkfish cut into pieces and use shrimp that have been peeled, this way everything will be fast.  


Roasted Rabbit

Today rabbit meat has become popular because it lean. Rabbit was a common dish in country kitchens because almost every family raised rabbits for personal consumption. The rabbits helped supplement the family’s income because they could sell the meat to those who lived in the city. In my family, rabbit […]