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The magic of Christmas is made ​​up of many little things. Three elements come together in a fundamental way to create this atmosphere. The first is internal, feeling good about ourselves prepares us to feel well with others and enjoy the moments when we are together. The second element is the food, it helps with relationships and displays for all to see the importance that we give to things. For Christmas I take care with particular attention to the presence of the fruit, both dry and fresh, yet avoid the fruit out of season that is too expensive and often tasteless, in fact I find it useless.

The last element is the Christmas tree. The decorations of the tree represent the character and style of the inhabitants of the house. In our place there is a miniature ornament of a small Kitchen Aid that seemed like a nice addition to the tree.

Starting next week you will find many useful recipes for this time of year starting with cookies, prepared together with the family, and do not forget that you can find many recipes already in my database.



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