The Tales of Leonardo da Boston “Sunflowers”

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Today as soon as my parents woke up, they put on my clothes to go out. I have not been happy because when I wake up I like to be only in my shirt and barefoot. I wanted to explore the house and take a good look at a new thing that they added in my stroller. Papa phoned his mama, the one who lives far away to show her this news. I don’t understand why I can see this nonna but not touch her and I don’t understand why she never comes home. But…after all there are many behaviors of grownups that I do not understand. In short, I was unable to crawl around the house as usual because shorty after they put me in the car.

This is also one of the things I don’t understand. I have to sit all tied up and look at the back seat while my parents sit in the front chatting to each other. And then they wonder why I protest and perhaps even cry. Sometimes I cry so hard to force mom to come and sit next to me. So she makes me listen to the songs that I like and I don’t get bored. Sometimes if I’m tired I sleep but I don’t like falling asleep so much because my head falls to the side and does not rest well and I wake up annoyed.

Anyway we left. After a time that seemed very long to me, we arrived at Verrill Farm. Immediately I saw so many large flowers that I had never seen before. Mama said: it’s a marvel. She called these big flowers SUNFLOWERS, but papa said GIRASOLE. This word makes me laugh because I know what GIRA means, I often hear it said when we go by car and they tell me to stop turning, and when I go back and forth around the table. I also understand the word SUN, often mama, when I have a light on my face she tells me: feel how the sun warms you up.

These two words put together to make up the name of a flower, I don’t understand and they make me laugh. As soon as I can speak I have to remind me to ask why. In this place that my father calls a “farm” we have come to buy all those green, red, orange things that my mama buys in large quantities and which she calls vegetables.

When we got out of the car we saw a large sign with sunflowers and two holes. Mama immediately asked papa to go put our heads in the holes. It made me laugh to put my head in the hole. Mama put the phone to her face and said: smile. I was already laughing for the word sunflowers and for putting my head in the hole. She was really happy. She showed papa the phone and they were both satisfied. They didn’t show me anything and so I don’t understand what’s going on on that phone.

The best moment was when my mama took me in her arms and touched these very tall flowers almost as big as my papa. They were strange because they had a big hard part with small spikes and very soft yellow leaves, while the green leaves were hairy. Seeing all these things made me very hungry. I hope to remember this day but above all ask my papa the meaning of SUNFLOWERS.


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