Chestnut Cream Millefoglie

This recipe is a variation of the one proposed by the magazine “La Cucina Italiana” many years ago. In an era in which is all about cake-design this type of dessert is very overlooked. In fact if you like puff pastry, this will give you great satisfaction with its soft […]


Cantucci from Prato

I’ve always liked Cantucci from Prato. When I lived in Florence I remained spellbound in front of the windows of the ovens exposing mountains of freshly baked cantucci. They seemed like the symbol of the city’s wealth. Recently, in an old book of Paolo Petroni “Il tesoro della vera Cucina […]


Croquettes of Santa Caterina

These croquettes were prepared following a family recipe. We can define this recipe by the meeting of an international preparation and the spirit of Friuli to use what you have to “sweeten life”, especially when children are present at the dinner table with guests. Every birthday my son asked his […]


Cookies From Frantoio

This recipe was made ​​for the contest “ExtraDOLCEMENTE” held in Pisa. To enhance the fragrances emanating from the olive oil I thought I’d combine the raisins and red goji berries, a Chinese fruit that is recently also sold in Italian supermarkets. The oil used is from the farm of “Caesar […]


Pear and Olive Oil Bundt Cake

Participation in the competition “ExtraDOLCEMENTE” held in Pisa, has allowed me to experiment in the use of olive oil in baking. Extra virgin olive oil is the basis of my kitchen and it is found in the recipes I publish on the blog. The culture of olive oil comes from […]


Basil Granita with Strawberry Compote

The granita I made comes from a recipe from the magazine “La Cucina” of the Corriere della Sera. Since December last year (2012) I have not found on it on newsstands and for that I am very sorry. The magazine had very nice graphic layout with original recipes that were […]


Zuppa Inglese

This cake reminds me of my childhood parties. I do not know exactly why it’s called “Zuppa Inglese” (English Soup) since it is very Italian. I think the name is linked with the key ingredient in the cake, the Creme Anglaise or English Cream, this cream is a cream without […]


Lemon Cream Cup with Forest Fruits

When you have dinner guests during the summer it is easy to offer ice cream for dessert. Of course you do not want to turn on the oven or prepare elaborate things. This recipe provides a homemade fresh cup that is also ideal if you have important guests.