Cream of Pistacchio Cupcakes

At the “Cucinare” tradeshow in Pordenone there was a display that had Sicilian pistachios in many forms from creams to flours or roasted salted whole pistachios. Of course I couldn’t resist the temptation to bring home a bit of that deliciousness. The cupcake that I propose materialized in my mind […]


The King’s Ciambelle Cookies

In the Venice bakeries is easy to peek through the window and see these cookies placed neatly in clear plastic bags with satin bow. This belongs to an ancient tradition. It seems that these cookies were packed for the king of Venice during the Easter period. These cookies are called […]


Baci Di Dama Cookies

The first written recipes were created by the chefs who worked for great noble families who had a professional chef who devoted himself exclusively to cooking and had sufficient raw materials to experiment with new dishes improving the quality of food. I found the recipe for these “kisses” in a […]


Christmas Meringues

A lot of times you use only the yolk of the egg and the egg white ends up in the trash. Meringues are a great way to use those leftover egg whites. For Christmas 2012 many cooking magazines presented meringues as the base for dessert. While browsing these recipes and […]


Black Forest Cake with Cherries

This cake is a classic of German cakes and pastries. Its fragrance and softness are a pleasure for the palate. At Christmas I have made this cake numerous times by introducing different variations. Once I used a square mold and frosted the surface with white icing (icing sugar and water) […]


Sweet Hearts of Christmas

At Christmas many families want to respect the tradition of Panettone or Pandoro as the dessert. It is an easy way to serve dessert without the aggravation of extra work. If the product is of good quality, this is a good choice. However, if you want to offer something prepared […]


Carrot Cake of Switzerland

This carrot cake has accompanied all the childhood parties of my son. It seemed like a healthy and genuine recipe to offer his friends when they came to the house. Being a butter free cake that maintains its goodness for several days, it was ideal cake to make for the […]


Zaleti Cookies

It is said that “zaleti” cookies come from a recipe born in Friuli, but became famous in Venice, where they were sold on the street or door to door. The name “zaleto” which means yellow in Venice, comes from the use of corn flour which gives them their classic color. […]