St. Valentine’s Day Menu

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February 14 – St. Valentine’s Day, A Menu for a Romantic Evening

Puntarelle Salad
Cream of Leek Soup with Shrimp
Snapper (or sea bass or sea bream) baked in salt with Ginger Sauce
Thyme potatoes
Baci di Dama Cookies

The recipes are all come from the blog. This dinner can be arranged quietly for 8:00pm or 9:00pm or even as soon as you return from work at 6:00pm. I try to provide some indications of organization. Of course if you’re already organized you do not need to continue reading.

Do your grocery shopping after work for the menu

Prepare the Baci di Dama cookies

Thursday, St. Valentine’s Day
7am – prepare the puntarelle and leave them in water until you arrive in the evening. Prepare the dressing.
6pm – prepare the vegetables for the soup and cook them
6:30pm – peel the shrimp and saute them quickly in a pan
7:00pm – blend the cream of leek soup and prepare the fish and the sauce, prepare potatoes
7:40pm – set the table and chill the wine in the fridge (Ribolla)
8:00pm – bake fish and potatoes
8:05pm – prepare for the evening
8:20pm – drain the puntarelle and dry with paper towels, place them in individual dishes.
8:30pm – dress the puntarelle and bring to the table along with the wine
8:45pm – turn off the oven and serve the cream
at this point, I wish you a good evening


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