Pumpkin Risotto

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Everything has changed since I started walking. I feel great but my parents have changed too. They allow me participate more actively in all the things they do.

The world seems like a fun place to me. I love it when mom takes the clothes out of the washing machine. There is a very large hole and I can go in with my head to see what is inside while she tells me to be careful.

The thing I like most to do however is stay in the kitchen when she prepare good things to eat. I’ve always been in the high chair next to her but unable to stand up I couldn’t get my hands on things. I just had to watch. I would have liked so much to touch things with my hands in those things that you call ingredients.

 These days we have been on a farm to see some big orange balls called pumpkins. I like the color orange so much and I would like many things to be that color because this makes me smile and if I smile I see that even mom and dad smile happily.

From this place we brought home so many pieces of orange, to cook they said. So, one morning after taking the usual stroll in the park, my mother placed me next to her on the high chair, and turned it so that I could stand up. She started to cut a small white ball called an onion. I found that if you stay too close your eyes will water, but you don’t cry, and this seemed strange to me because I was actually happy.

We put these slices in a pan that had a slightly yellow liquid, extra virgin olive oil she said. I am learning these names, even if I still don’t speak because my mother tells me the name of each ingredient while she works. The most beautiful and most dangerous moment, according to her, was when she took me near the stove and after putting the pieces of pumpkin in that same pan she added the rice and allowed me to turn for a while as she does with a piece of wood called a spoon. I felt the heat that became stronger when I was closer and I saw a strange thing rising upwards. Mom then pushed a button and there was a big noise above our head. I looked up because I didn’t understand what that noise was for. Luckily she understands me and immediately said: I turned on the fan because there is too much steam. As we turned the wood on this pan the rice got bigger and bigger until she said: just turn and it is ready.

We called dad and we sat down at the table, me in the high chair. The plate in front of me was beautiful all orange. It was very good and I used the fork first and then my hands because I was too happy.


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