Fennel Mousse

Fennel are often considered a vegetable that is uninteresting and something to leave for people with health problems. I think this idea should be reviewed, not only because it actually keeps us healthy but also because fennel lends itself to many preparations. This recipe is very simple and goes well […]


Baked Zucchini Gratin

Zucchini accompany our daily meals from May to August. We start by planting in the greenhouse to continue planting in open field. Zucchini are easy to cook and low in calories. They go very well with both meat and fish. The recipe that I present can also be seen as […]


Cherry Tomatoes with 4 Flavors

Stuffed tomatoes are a good idea for a summer lunch or dinner. This dish comes in 4 different versions that can be cooked together like I did. This way you can satisfy the tastes of most people with a few ingredients. The common element is the 4 preparations is bread […]


Sauteed Eggplant in the Pan

This recipe is very fast, but it requires fresh eggplant. To ensure that the eggplant is fresh, it should have the following characteristics: Glossy skin, The stem and the calyx should be a beautiful green color with no brown spots, When you clutch the eggplant with your fingers, the flesh […]


Bruschetta with Tomatoes

A fresh and tasty tomato bruschetta is a good antidote to the summer heat. This simple preparation requires that the ingredients are of high quality. In recent times it had become fashionable to prepare this dish using cherry (pachino) tomatoes because they easy to prepare since you don’t need to […]


Zucchini Tart

Zucchini are part of the family Cucurbitaceae, which I see as small saturated containers of water and mineral salts. It seems that through them nature wants to provide us with all the precious elements that we need to face the summer heat. Zucchini are very versatile and they are available […]


Artichokes Stuffed with Mushrooms

I created this recipe one evening when I wanted to do an original dish, light and vegetarian, suitable for Colleen (my daughter-in-law) who does not love meat. Artichokes are part of the tradition of my family from December to April, so I try to provide this vegetable at least once […]


Asparagus in Bellavista

Eggs and asparagus are a classic pairing in Friulian cuisine. Asparagus grows in many agricultural areas of our region and we are famous for asparagus from Tavagnacco, Fossalon, and Gorgo di Latisana. They can be white, green, and violet. From April to late May I like to make this shoot […]