Grandma’s Meatballs

The recipe is an example of domestic economy and use of leftovers in the modern era has been lost. Grandma’s meatballs are made with meat that has been used to make a good broth. In truth, boiled meat is not particularly pleasing to people except for a few admirers. It […]


Turkey from the Farm

Turkey, in the Italian and American tradition, is associated with Christmas and Thanksgiving. This combination is not random but linked to the cycles of nature. In fact, turkeys were born in the spring and reached maturity in November and December. They were the most noble and delicate meat families had […]


Sliced Pork with Apples

When my daughter-in-law Colleen arrived in Italy she brought some American cookbooks with her. One of her favorites is a book written by a famous New York chef, Mario Batali. While browsing through the pages of the book I found a recipe for baked apples in the pan as if […]


Chicken Morsels with Mushrooms

The recipe can be used if you have guests over for dinner. Mushrooms enhance any preparation, adding a special flavor to dishes. I used light cream for this dish. It’s necessary to use mushrooms that are small, white, and well cleaned. If you see champignon mushrooms that have an opaque […]


Pumpkin and Sausage

A few years ago when my father still took care of the garden, we had a great field of pumpkins with many varieties, some of which came from Argentina. To satisfy my curiosity, seeds were brought from my aunt who lives in Rosario.  


Roasted Rabbit

Today rabbit meat has become popular because it lean. Rabbit was a common dish in country kitchens because almost every family raised rabbits for personal consumption. The rabbits helped supplement the family’s income because they could sell the meat to those who lived in the city. In my family, rabbit […]


Taste of the Garden Skewers

The success of “hamburgers” and all the typical preparations of fast food and kebabs is due to the fact that they are prepared in a way that is simple and easy to eat, soft and shredded into a sandwich or flatbread with some vegetables.  


Beef Tenderloin with Green Peppercorns

Beef tenderloin cooked “à point” or medium rare is my favorite dish. Because the steak is cooked rare, it is necessary that the meat comes from a healthy and sanitary source. It should be purchased in a supermarket that is noted for high quality meat or from a butcher you […]