Spaghetti with Tomato with Oriental Notes

This simple dish was prepared with the ingredients from the kit delivered to bloggers at the Bio Brunch event organized by Alce Nero in Milan. The pasta is a variety made ​​with Senatore Cappelli wheat flour in which has an optimal result when cooked. I added the jarred chickpeas from […]


Spaetzle With Cauliflower Cream

The first time I tasted spaetzle was during a trip to Austria. These dumplings were served as an accompaniment to a dish of pieces of meat with paprika. They were so soft and good that when I return home I immediately tried to create the recipe. Over the years I […]


Roman-Style Gnocchi

Semolina gnocchi entered my family menu when Andrea (my son) was two years old. Andrea, as I was able to tell, it was absolutely uninterested in food, he used all his energy towards games. I always had to invent something that seemed like a game. The gnocchi were also an […]


Fettuccine with Cavasso Red Onion

Young red onions from Cavasso have been a nice discovery. Despite living in the same province of Pordenone, I had never heard of this vegetable that until a few years ago they were the exclusive cultivation of kitchen gardens in the foothills of the municipality. Gianna, a friend of my […]


Pesto Fettuccine

Pesto pasta is known in various countries around the world thanks to an industrial production which allows you to store basil and pine nuts in glass jars ready to be enjoyed at any time of the year even when there is the snow. I personally believe that “Pasta al Pesto” […]


Paccheri Pasta with Stars

Belgian endive is a vegetable that I use often during the winter stewed with a little beer. This recipe pairs it with pasta and the result is very tasty. This first course dish is a dish containing: carbohydrates, protein, calcium and vitamins.  


Winter Scented Crepes

This recipe comes from Stefania who prepared it some time ago for a Christmas lunch. I really liked because it wraps up the scents of winter and the flavors of Friuli. In fact, the cheese that provides the right creaminess to this preparation is a cheese called “stracchino”. This product, […]


Christmas Scroll

We are not used to beer combined with fish and in a restaurant if someone drinks a beer while eating sea bass in salt we tend to think that the person is a little crazy. I thought of using the pairing of beer with fish fish not only as an […]