Walnut Sauce for Ravioli

Stuffed pasta is a classic in Italian cuisine. If someone in my family is willing to give me a hand, I like to make ravioli, tortellini, or other forms that inspire me on special occasions. Even though there are many recipes for homemade pasta, usually they require more time for […]


Penne with Gorgonzola

This recipe represents a one plate meal, suited to be a dinner without other additions. If your family is really hungry simply increase the portion of pasta per person. In this case you will need to increase the other ingredients by ⅓. This recipe uses a typical Italian cheese called […]


Sicilian Pasta with Pine Nuts

This pasta sauce reminiscent of the Mediterranean – its sun and its flavors. It’s a recipe that I my friend Magda made for me, who is also passionate about cooking. I usually reserve this dish for the times when I want a strong yet soft taste. The acidity of the […]


Penne with Eggplant

Behind my house there is a piece of land bordered by a stream. Along its banks grow large poplars and other plants typical of the alluvial plains. This is the place where an architect friend of mine asked me to make a “wild” garden. “Wild” because he cares for it […]