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Saturnia Cup


 This cup comes as a reminder of the many moments I spent with my friend Marzia and our families at the thermal baths of Saturnia. The Maremma region in Tuscany provides the perfect setting for this place. A location where the man was able to keep up to date with […]

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 ROSE: FOOD FOR THE SOUL These are the varieties of roses present at Santa Caterina. Flowers and food are the elements that sustain our lives, both physically and soulfully. The rose in its myriad forms, shapes, colors, scents, is a flower for excellence and is known throughout the world. May […]

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Bio Brunch Alce Nero #civuolegusto


 Conosco i prodotti dell’ “Alce Nero” perché da qualche anno sono presenti nel supermercato che frequento. Ogni volta che li ho utilizzati ho potuto constatarne la bontà. Così quando ho ricevuto l’invito per l’evento che l’Alce Nero ha organizzato in occasione del Salone del Mobile di Milano, mi sono organizzata […]

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Spring Gnocchi


 In this recipe I have tried to bring together the elements of spring – white and green asparagus, peas, spring onions, and fresh ricotta. This dish is a bit laborious, suitable for an important meal or when you want to pamper your family.