Shrimp with Polenta

The first autumn evenings have cooler air and invite you prepare something hot and steaming. This recipe of shrimp and polenta was created for those evening.  


Cuttlefish with Peas

Before the end of pea season I suggest this quick recipe. You can also use frozen peas, taking care to select the smaller ones and tender ones. This dish can be useful to propose even to those who are not lovers of fish such as children.  


Sea Bass Filets with a Touch of Violet

The famous chefs are always looking for more recipes that presents a research that incorporates the great importance of colors that work well together. Long ago in a cooking magazine I found this recipe that uses two ingredients in season, zucchini, peas, and red cabbage. It combines them into a […]


Sliced Seared Tuna

A nice piece of seared tuna is ideal for those who want to cook a quick dinner. The only drawback is that this fish is expensive, especially the part that I chose for the recipe, the fillet. This recipe treats the fish as if it were a cut of meat. […]


Spinach Stuffed Calamari

I have a typical recipe of the cuisine from Veneto and Friuli regions in Italy for “Calamari in Umido”. Since I am not fond this preparation, I thought of a way to make the dish lighter. The recipe that I propose combines spinach with a few pine nuts. Overall, the […]


Smoked Herring Crostini

The following recipe is dedicated to fans of this fish, which mainly comes in smoked fillets ready for consumption in Italy. For some years I’ve found the version with less salt in the grocery store, definitely preferable to the saltier preparations. In the tradition of the country where I live, […]


Steamed Salmon

Thanks to intensive farming, salmon has become a cheap and affordable fish to everyone. Unfortunately farming does not replicate the splendid taste that salmon develops living in the wild in the cold waters of the north where the fish swim against the current. If you happen to find wild salmon, […]