Sardine Skewers with Pumpkin

Sardines, as you have probably already realized by number of times I use them in my recipes, are my favorite because they are economic and versatile. This dish can also be prepared with fresh herring, that have been cleaned and sliced, which you can easily find in the U.S. The […]


Rosemary Trout with Potatoes

My brother-in-law Attilio is a skilled fisherman. He has a passion for trout fishing in the many rivers in our region. Whenever he goes fishing, he catches a lot of fish. We benefit from his passion because he always brings over extra trout from his fishing trips. We often get […]


Sicilian Sardines

Sardines carry within them the intense flavor of the sea and they are cheaper than the fish I can find at the fish counter. This recipe is a travel memory. It was two summers ago on vacation in Sicily where I learned to appreciate first hand the recipes I had […]


Fish Bites

This recipe is quick and easy. It mixes the flavors of two varieties of fish. Make sure you have the monkfish cut into pieces and use shrimp that have been peeled, this way everything will be fast.  


Sole Fillets with Zucchini

This recipe uses sole fillet as its base. Sole is a fish that is very delicate and rarely sold whole. It is usually found in fillet form both fresh and frozen. I used fresh fillets in this recipe. The advantage of sole is that it cooks in minutes.  


Swordfish with Parsley

Swordfish is the symbol of Sicily, and even though it is possible to catch it in the Atlantic Ocean, us Italians are bound to the fish that come from the sea that surrounds our peninsula. Swordfish is a fish of great size, can weigh up to 300 pounds, and is […]


Trout with Almonds

This recipe came from reading a nice book on American cooking that I was given some years ago. The book presented a recipe for a beautiful brook trout caught in Maine, cooked in a pan with almonds.  


Grilled Calamari

This simple recipe is perfect for a night that you want to cook something nice in a short time. For the simplicity that characterizes this dish, it is necessary that the squid is very fresh.