Grilled Calamari

This simple recipe is perfect for a night that you want to cook something nice in a short time. For the simplicity that characterizes this dish, it is necessary that the squid is very fresh.  


Cod Fillets with Aromatics

I always considered cod a fish from the world of “industrial” cooking because it is easy to find precooked and frozen in various shapes and flavors. For this reason, I was always careful to avoid buying it. One winter we went to Boston to spend Christmas with our son. It […]


Octopus with Potatoes

Whenever I happen to eat at a seafood restaurant, I always order octopus or squid as an appetizer. I really like this mollusk, but up until a few years ago, I thought I wouldn’t be able to make it as soft and tasty as in the restaurant.  


Sautéed Sea Bream Fillets with Tomatoes

This recipe combines the flavors of the sea with those of the garden. The tomatoes enhance the flavor of the fish and also make a nice side dish. I used fresh herbs in this recipe, but if you have dried herbs, feel free to use them. If you are using […]