Scampi from the Island of Vis

The island of Vis (in Dalmatia, Croatia) is famous for its shellfish. So during my trip there I asked the fishermen of the local fish market located in the harbor of Komiza if he could get me some scampi. The local restaurants were grabbing all the scampi up so they […]


Stewed Conger Eel from the Island of Vis

I had never seen a “conger eel” live, I had only seen pictures in fish books so I decided to buy some steaks to taste. The fisherman I was serving good round steaks but I saw some fillets and I also wanted two of those. He sat in awe, and […]


Shrimp with Two Celery

The dish can be presented as an appetizer or as a main course, it depends on the quantity. The doses written here are those of an entree. This is recipe published in the Christmas special of the magazine “A TAVOLA” from 1997. Every so often, when I need to relax, […]


Mackerel in Ginger Sauce

Friday at the fish department of the grocery store I saw some beautiful mackerel with shiny skin with shades of silver blue diamonds. I decided to buy them. I wanted to cook them in a way that would make them easy to digest and so I thought of a recipe. […]


Sea Bream Baked in a Salt Crust

Fish baked in a salt crust is a simple and excellent way to cook it, provided it is fresh. This preparation is suitable for sea bream, sea bass (or bass), red snapper but also a simple trout and in general the whole fish or tropical fish such as “red snapper” […]


Sole Fillets with Oranges

During the month of January, citrus fruits are excellent and it is good to use them as much as possible in the kitchen not only as a fruit. This way we can make lighter dishes that are tasty and contain a good supply of vitamin C. This recipe uses oranges […]


Sole Roll with Shellfish

The various preparations of sole are a classic in international cuisine for special occasions. This recipe can easily be served at a formal dinner. In this case you can change the side matching perhaps some garden peas or potatoes with thyme.  


Mackerel with Lemon

Mackerel are fish that most people are familiar as fillets canned in oil, but in reality this fish is very tasty if eaten fresh. Mackerel are considered fatty fish and therefore it is used little in the daily diet of families. Finding the right way to cook it, with barely […]