Pears in Wine

This dessert is very simple and light. Some years ago, during a trip to Sicily, I gained an appreciation for this dish. When I returned home I immediately wanted to try the recipe, recalling the flavors that I recognized.  


Risotto with Mushrooms

Honey mushrooms, with their presence in the countryside surrounding my home, characterize the landscape. One time after the first autumn rain, my mom and I, armed with a knife and basket, walked to the river in search of this delicacy.  


Eggplant Quiche

Quiche are such a great invention. If we use ready-made puff pastry dough to implement them, they are ready in such a short time and we can prepare a dinner quickly. If we decide to invite friends over for a drink, a quiche can be prepared the night before and […]


Sicilian Pasta with Pine Nuts

This pasta sauce reminiscent of the Mediterranean – its sun and its flavors. It’s a recipe that I my friend Magda made for me, who is also passionate about cooking. I usually reserve this dish for the times when I want a strong yet soft taste. The acidity of the […]


Sautéed Sea Bream Fillets with Tomatoes

This recipe combines the flavors of the sea with those of the garden. The tomatoes enhance the flavor of the fish and also make a nice side dish. I used fresh herbs in this recipe, but if you have dried herbs, feel free to use them. If you are using […]


Cream of Leek Soup with Shrimp

I’ve always loved leeks because they bring a special flavor to any dish. Their flavor is more delicate than onions and they go well with fish. On cooler evenings, I often love to prepare a cream of leek and potato soup because it is tasty and provides warmth. One evening […]


Roasted Veal with Grapes

This is a different way to prepare roasted meat. The recipe can be used easily, even if you have guests over. The proposed quantity is plenty for 4 people, be aware that if you use a smaller amount, given the type of cooking, it will tend to make the meat […]


Cake with Three Raisins

This cake is best served with a cup of tea in the afternoon. I thought I’d save the sweets for Sunday, because once a week you can indulge in a little sweetness! During the weekend it becomes easier to find the time to devote to the creation of desserts.